Dermaline Refresh Peptide Essence 300g

Dermaline Refresh Peptide Essence 300g


Dermaline Refresh Peptide Essence

Main ingredients: peptide-4, madecassolde, asiaticoside and adenosine

Volume: 300G

How to use for daily care:

1. After washing your face in the evening, cleanse your skin with toner.

2. Take an appropriate amount of Refreshing Peptide Essence according to your skin condition and spread evenly on your face.

3. Reapply moisture/moisturizing cream according to skin condition.

How to use for beauty salon:

Cleansing > Dead skin removal > Manual technique > Refresh peptide essence > modeling mask


Dermaline Refresh Peptide Essence

Dermaline Refresh Peptide Essence utilizes a special formula to enhance skin clarity and firmness, as well as deliver essential nutrients to the skin. Various potent essences like peptide-4, madecassolde, asiaticoside, and adenosine work together to promote a more youthful and radiant complexion.

  • Enhance your skin’s radiance with 7 essential components!
  • Achieve a luminous and flawless complexion from within.
  • Maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness simultaneously.
  • Promote a clear and radiant skin tone.
  • A blend of potent vitamins Including propolis, vitamin tree, and rose extracts Revitalize and hydrate dry, rough skin.
  • A hydrating polymer complex for intense moisture.
  • Infused with Ice Pool, Collagen, and beta-glucan Peptides to rejuvenate and firm tired skin.
  • Delivers deep hydration with a lightweight, silky formula Forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture. Keeps skin hydrated and comfortable all day long.


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