Matrigen B-TOX PEEL Skin Renewal System

Matrigen B-TOX PEEL Skin Renewal System


Matrigen B-TOX PEEL Skin Renewal System

The 3D in-plant regeneration peel for experts

Product Set: powder 1 g * 2 ea, peeling solution 10 ml * 2 ea, calming ampoule 10 ml * 2 ea, regenerating ampoule 10 ml * 6 ea

Matrigen B-TOX PEEL Skin Renewal System

Matrigen B-tox Peel is a micro-peeling treatment that offers exceptional exfoliation and rejuvenation benefits using silitox, which is composed of micro fine needles. Silitox consists of 100% natural ingredients such as biosilica, calcium phosphate, alumina, lutein, and minerals. The needle-like silitox allows for easy penetration, providing gentle stimulation to the dermis and promoting cell division for skin regeneration.

Powder 1 g * 2 ea: This 100% Natural Peeling Powder, based on deep-sea bio silica, deeply penetrates the skin to enhance the absorption of other products, promote regeneration, and eliminate dead skin cells through the skin’s circulation mechanism.

Peeling solution 10 ml * 2 ea: This solution, when mixed with the peeling powder (8ml/2 bottles in 1 set), allows the Sili-tox to deeply penetrate the skin for maximum effect. Mixing with the Sili-tox powder helps reduce skin irritation and aids in its absorption into the skin.

Calming ampoule 10 ml * 2 ea: B-Tox Calming Ampoule is a peeling calming and moisturizing ampoule (10ml/2 bottles in 1 set) that soothes the skin after peeling with Sili-tox, preventing redness and dryness with top-quality moisture inducer, urea.

Regenerating ampoule 10 ml * 6 ea: B-Tox Regenerating Ampoule is a skin cell recovery and circulation healing ampoule (10ml/6 bottles in 1 set) that promotes skin cell revitalization and dynamic healing with placenta, aloe, and collagen, in line with the rapid skin circulation cycle due to Sili-Tox.

How to use

Step 1 – Mix powder and solution in a 1:1 ratio. Apply the solution to the facial skin and massage/rub for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2 – Apply Calming ampoule to the treated areas to soothe the skin.

Step 3 – Finish off by applying Regenerating ampoule. Lastly, it is recommended to use sunblock and avoid direct sunlight after the first day of treatment.

**Warning: For External use only. Keep out of eyes.

** Please download the detail informations for special facial treatments

** Professional only




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