Matrigen WHITE THERAPY sheet 10 pcs

Matrigen WHITE THERAPY sheet 10 pcs


Matrigen white therapy sheet

The esthetic-exclusive melting mask sheet for whitening

When make the sheet respond to pure water, the sheet melts and sticks to skin powerfully, helping its nourishment and active ingredients to be absorbed for better complexion.

Size: 290 X 190 mm * 10ea

Ingridents: collagen, peptides, essential amino acids, allantoin

Matrigen WHITE THERAPY sheet

Matrigen white therapy sheet is a water-soluble mask that specially adds collagen, peptides, essential amino acids and allantoin to a sheet made of biodegradable organic compounds, and melts when it meets water.

The aesthetic-exclusive melting mask sheet designed for skin whitening is utilized in the renowned Korean snow white therapy treatment. Upon contact with pure water, the sheet dissolves and adheres to the skin effectively, facilitating the absorption of nourishing and active ingredients for improved complexion.

Please refer to the instruction in the picture to use this product.




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