Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Luminant Gold Ampoule 10ml*5

Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Luminant Gold Ampoule 10ml*5


How to use: Apply on skin with a Tok stick skin stimulator device, derma roller, micro needling device or direct apply on face.

Package: 10ml*5

Ingridents: Niacinamide, Adenosine, PDRN extracts, Stem cell extracts

Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Luminant Gold Ampoule

Matrigen Bi-Phase 24K Luminant gold Ampoule is a specialized ampoule that contains a high concentration of 99.9% pure gold, Salmon DNA, Niacinamide, adenosine, and Stem cell. This unique combination of ingredients makes it an effective ampoule for skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Niacinamide, one of the main ingredients, has a skin whitening effect and helps in defending against skin loss. It also strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin blemishes. Additionally, it blocks discoloration-inducing ingredients.

Adenosine, another key ingredient, is known for its wrinkle improvement properties. It strengthens skin elasticity, aids in skin wrinkle improvement, restores skin vitality, and revitalizes tired skin.

PDRN (Salmon DNA) is included in the ampoule to revitalize the skin, activate the skin’s natural cycle, promote skin health, facilitate skin regeneration, and prevent oxidative stress.

Stem Cell, the final ingredient, plays a crucial role in increasing collagen production, strengthening the epidermis, reducing the formation of wrinkles, and promoting amino acid production. It also has a whitening and moisturizing effect on the skin.


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