Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule 10ml*12

Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule 10ml*12


Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule

How to use: Apply on skin with a Tok stick skin stimulator device, derma roller, micro needling device or direct apply on face.

Package: 10ml*12 / Box

Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule

Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule is an ampoule with various ingredients such as placenta extract, collagen, and peptide complex that helps to improve the skin barrier and provides healing effects to the skin.

Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule is a fresh and moist formulation that is layered two or three times to absorb smoothly without stickiness, creating a tight and moisturizing skin.

Main Ingredients: 

Six kinds of peptides

  1. Skin wrinkles improvement
  2. Skin Regeneration
  3. Skin Moisturizing

Hydrolyzed Collagen

  1. Hydrolysis Collagen
  2. Provides vitality to skin & hair
  3. Formation of skin
  4. Supply moisture

Propylene Glycol

  1. Moisturizing effect
  2. Reduction of flaking effect
  3. Restoring skin elasticity
  4. Moisturizing effect


  1. Activation of circulation cycle
  2. Strengthen skin barrier
  3. Maintaining firm skin
  4. Helps in skin recovery


  1. Wrinkle-Improving functional ingredient
  2. Effect of strengthening skin elasticity
  3. Restoring skin’s self-sufficiency


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